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Massage Tools to Save Hands

3 CE

Massage therapy is a physically demanding profession. 

The careers of many massage therapists are interrupted or terminated because of self-injury, particularly to their wristsand hands.  Self care is crucial in our industry, however, even with proper body mechanics, therapists can still suffer hand and shoulder injuries.  When the open palm method and massage tools are used along with proper body mechanics, these types of injuries can be avoided.

This hands-on course is designed to help massage therapists achieve deeper
penetrating pressure without exerting more force with their hands. After a variety of tools are introduced and proper handling is demonstrated, students then experiment with them, giving and receiving massage. For example the "turtle" ,which is the favourite, as the shell, head, eyes legs and shell base can be used for both self massage and with clients (especially having the 4 legs to stradle over the client's spine). The aqua pad glides smoothly for a warm finish to complete your massage session.

  Some tools are to be used only over clothing (“back rollers”, “jacknobber”, “spiky balls”), some are to be used with a lubricant on bare skin (“antler”, “snail”), and others are dual purpose tools (“Thumbby”, “turtle”) which can be used with or without oil as well as for self-massage.  You are encouraged to bring your own tools to learn how to properly handle and “not grip” them. 

  The goal is for you to have less muscular discomfort after using these tools and to find a tool or two to add to your massage offerings to further benefit your clients and enhance your business.  

Massage Tools

The massage tools offerings are fun classes that help therapists to save their hands to get that deeper pressure without exerting more force with the hands.

The Greenstone Curved stone is perfectly shaped to do deep massage on the SCM and scalenes as well as other parts of the body. This green stone from Guatemala comes from serpentine and has a more pointed end for deeper work and a broader base for smoothing out the muscles and removing toxins.
Greenstone point for deeper penetration Greenstone Pushing Hand Greenstone massaging deeper Greenstone on Back
Serpentine Stone
Serpentine Pushing Deeper
Serpentine Stone on Back


Greenstone Massage Tools is a 7 CE hour class and includes self massage, supine and prone deep tissue and relaxation techniques. Stone can be used warm or cool and clients love the deeper, yet smooth massage techniques, especially on the neck.


Massage Tools to Enhance your Business for 3 CE hours, is totally different than other Massage Tools classes and can be taken separately. Massage Tools to Enhance Massage is a fun class that helps therapists to save their hands and offer more variety to clients. Students will experience the massage help machines, moving cupping massage, back rollers and over 15 different massage tools such as knuckles, jacknobber and golf ball squeeze. Students are encouraged to bring their own tools to gain additional strokes or learn how to not “grip” a massage tool as that stresses the therapist's own hands.



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