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Deep Tissue Cross Fiber Massage

Deep Tissue Massage sessions are offered in Indianapolis, IN at 2 locations. One is at E. 86th and Keystone at the 4:59 Barber Lounge and the other is near 51st Street and Moller (near Eagle Creek). One hour sessions are $85 and 90 minutes is $110. Appointments necessary at 317-445-5557. Therapist Lolita Knight brings over 20 years of massage experience.

Corporate massage available in Indianapolis and Bloomington, IN. $75 per hour with a 4 hour minimum. plus travel fee.


Deep Tissue Cross Fiber Massage saves straining your hands, increases circulation and offers faster pain relief.

Deep Tissue Massaging

Class is normally 15 hours anterior and 15 hours for posterior body, although variations of times are possible to be as little as 3 hours for a specific area.

Technique is 80% cross fiber employing the elbows, straight fingers, pisiform, knuckles and forearm.

Proper body mechanics is stressed to increase the pressure without straining your hands. Includes some side-lying techniques.

Methods for reducing headaches, expanding breathing and reducing facial lines are incorporated.

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