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Certified Massage Instructors

Fijian Massage has been taught to over 700 therapists. Fijian Massage is being offered in Spas, sporting events and massage clinics . Fijian Massage Barefoot Techniques do more than save your hands.

Helen Chavez

Helen Chavez was the very first person Lolita taught the Fijian Massage to in 1998. Helen was a teaching assistant of the Fijian Massage at the National AMTA 2004 convention in Nashville, TN. Helen will focus her teaching in Kansas. Helen was a co-presenter at the 4 State AMTA conference at Lake of the Ozarks. Telephone (785)-806-3622. Helen is not NCBTMB.

Other Certified Fijian Massage Instructors

Fijian Massage

Fijian Massage
The following are other certified Fijian Massage Instructors with Lolita Knight after undergoing intensive additional training in Fijian Massage. Students attending a Fijian Massage Course are certified to practice Fijian Massage, but not to teach Fijian Massage unless approved by Lolita. This honours the thousands of hours and thousands of dollars spent by Lolita to provide this barefoot technique to massage therapists throughout the world

Brian Mahan

Helen Chavez

Lolita Knight

Christyn Rittenhouse


Rada Zukic-Ehmke

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