Benefits of Fijian Massage

Fijian Massage has been handed down for generations. Fijian Massage Barefoot Techniques do more than save your hands.

Benefits Fijian Massage

Benefits to Therapists

  1. Frequently offers quicker pain relief for clients.
  2. Saves therapist's hands, neck, arms and shoulders while avoiding kyphotic strain, cervico-cranial hyperlordosis, repetitive strain injury to hands and many overuse syndromes.
  3. Can be given while therapist is seated.
  4. Requires no massage wax or oil.
  5. Needed padding readily available in the home i.e. pillows, towels and blankets will do when professional pads are not available.
  6. Provides a deeper massage with less energy.
  7. Effective for scar tissue and adhesion treatments.
  8. Adds longevity for the practitioner.
  9. Creates interest and questions as this is an unique form of therapy.
  10. Can serve big clients with ease.
  11. Helps to exercise and tone the therapist’s legs, feet and abdomen—keeping the therapist fit.

Benefits to Clients

  1. Often is a more effective treatment for damaged, painful or tight muscles.
  2. No wax or oil is used avoiding staining of clothing.
  3. Satisfies clients preferring a deeper yet gentler massage.
  4. Very relaxing.
  5. Can be done through clothing or on bare skin.
  6. Effectively treats clients unable to mount a table.
  7. Benefits arms, hands, upper chest, back, shoulders, legs, hips, feet and neck.
  8. No table needed avoiding a possible quadratus lumbrum spasm when getting off the table.


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